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What happened to the comments

If you are wondering what happened to any comments you may have posted, sorry, spammers attacked my comments and I had to clear them.  I initially tried to just delete the spam.  But there was too much and I just purged all comments.


A Good Days Work

Every once and a while you have a really good day at work.  Yesterday (4/29/2010), was one of those days.  Yesterday, the folk from my office installed a donation of Xboxes that we acquired at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.


This event was brought about buy Make Room for Kids (MRFK).  MRFK is a social media-driven fund-raising drive designed to bring gaming and laptops to sick children at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  In conjunction with the Mario Lemieux Foundation, MRFK started an initiative two months ago trying to provide games consoles to each of the transplant rooms.

When we heard about this initiative, Microsoft employees in the Pittsburgh office stepped forward in which they donated (10) consoles (that is over 1/3 of the local employees making this donation).  The remaining (14) consoles were provided through a combination of corporate matching, cash donations, and several donations across the company.

One of our guys, David Severino, went above and beyond.  David put the call out to Microsoft E&D and was able to secure two hospital kiosks, 50+ games, and 50+ videos.  He invested over 40 hours of his own personal time in setting up the XBOXs and coordinating this effort with the Mario Lemieux Foundation and Children’s Hospital.  (What a great guy!)

Here is the video from Children’s about the event:

If you are on Facebook, Check out Children’s profile here.

A huge shout out also needs Ginny of That’s Church fame.  Check out her blog about the day here.

Read the Press Release

So, what will we do next!!

Steelers unveil number 6.

Last night (August 11th), the Pittsburgh Steelers unveiled their 6th Super Bowl trophy at Heinz Field.  While Chriss’ uncle Rich and cousin Ryan were in town, we all went down to Heinz Field to see Art Rooney II unveil the new trophy in the Great Hall.

Additional photos here.