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The Pittsburgh Marathon

Pittsburgh Marathon LogoOK.  So after an all too long hiatus from running, I have decided to whip my self into what passes as shape and run the Pittsburgh Marathon.  OK, I’m not really going to run the entire marathon.  I will be participating in one of 3 teams that the Microsoft Pittsburgh Office is putting in the race.  My team will be made up of my boss, Luke Sossi and his son Kyle as well as Jeff Morris, our Mobility Specialist and lead singer of Any Way You Want It.

So here is your chance to force me into exercising, dropping a few pounds and hitting the streets of Pittsburgh.  Please consider sponsoring our team via this link:

Our goal is to raise $1500 for Genre’s Kids With Cancer Fund.

Genre’s Kids with Cancer Fund supplies laptops, tablets and XBOXes to Children’s hospitals to make sure that every kid as something to help them get through the day.  So far we’ve outfitted every room on 2 floors of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh with an XBOX.

If you want to learn more about Genre, you can watch the video below.

Please consider any donation that you can!

Again, the donation site is already active and you can find it at -

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